At LAUNCH, we stress the importance of being versatile, to ensure that you can readily adapt your style to suit the choreographer’s needs, as required. This is a vital skill to have when striving for a career in the performing arts and one that takes considerable time and expert education to master.

LAUNCH dancers are regularly given the opportunity to take workshop classes with top industry professionals from both national and international artists that assist to expand their dance repertoire and knowledge in the name of versatility, it is also essential that you develop your own personal style.

Working with industry professionals we believe awakens creativity and passion that exists within each dancer and bring out the very best in them that helps to develop your own personal style.

You have to possess something that is uniquely yours and which nobody else possesses.

When working in a team environment it is our job as dancers – be it professionals or students, to make the choreographers ‘vision’ come to life. As a performer, this is an exciting and challenging process that is both highly demanding and extremely rewarding.

Amy Ca
Stephen Tannos
Zac Brazenas
The Squared Division
Charles Bartley
Yvette Lee